Services Offered

Services Offered

Our dedicated professionals specialise in providing careful pest control solutions to businesses, institutions & commercial establishment.
Our program effectively targets nuisances pest that are common to businesses including mice , rats, cockroaches & ants . No matter what type of business or industry our commercial pest control services are customised to suit the needs and the budget of individual companies. We have proven experiences in serving the following industries :

Commercial & Retail Properties

Our custom plans make it easy to get the protection you need at a price you can afford.  As a business owner, you know how important it is to find a reliable, professional vendor that gets their job done and allows you to stay focused on what's really important -- growing your business .

Our Pest Defense Program (PDP) currently covers the following pests year round:
* House Mouse
* Rodent / Rat
* Cockroaches
* Ants
* Wasps
* Silverfish
* Earwigs
* Millipedes
* Centipedes

Our technicians can service your account on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule. With most cases, we recommend monthly visits to ensure all pest monitoring and sanitation practices are in good standing. With our Pest Defence Program, all visits and treatments regarding the covered pests in between scheduled inspections are 100% free.
We believe if you are not satisfied in our program you have every right to cancel, this is why we value customer relationships and aim to provide the highest quality service within the industry.  All of our programs are on a yearly service agreement with the option to cancel at anytime given a 30 days notice. 

One Time Pest Control Service

Recommended for immediate seasonal pest problems. Our  technicians  will gladly treat any pest related problems in and around your home area. These pests could be skunks, ants,  squirrels , voles etc... 
We locate, identify and target the pest you are having problems with.
We will point out potentially conducive conditions for insects around your home.
Inspection of the premises inside and out. 
Treatments around the exterior of your home, where 90% of your pests originate.
Provide a warranty depending on the pest, structural and sanitation guidelines.

Pest Control Guarantee

Pest professional offers a re-treatment on most one time services depending on the target pest. Every job is different but most guarantee's will range 30-90 days. 
There will be no additional charge for re-treatments if the customer follows initial preventative instructions provided by the tech at the time of the initial service.