Fly Control

Fly Control

Fly Inspection & Treatments
Flies are more than a nuisance; they're dangerous disease-spreading pests. Because flies are  particularly  dangerous around food, preventing fly infestations are an important consideration in facilities where food is processed, stored, prepared or consumed.

Inspection & Evaluation
We will Inspect your facility to determine potential breeding sites for flies on the inside and outside. We will provide sanitation recommendation which, if followed will keep flies away.

Initial Treatment
We apply a unique, highly concentrated liquid microbial formulation that feeds on organic matter. Treatments will focus on potential breeding grounds like garbage areas, processing and preparation stations, dish washing areas, floor drains, and food storage areas.
The installation of UV light traps will reduce the customer sightings of adult flies. This is essential in kitchens and food receiving areas. Our technicians will monitor all fly lights to indicate the amount and species of flies being captured.

Inspection & Maintenance
We will maintain and monitor your fly light traps and re-apply our microbial formulations as needed.

Prevention & Programs
We recommend monthly visits to identify problems before they increase into  infestations.