Cockroach Control

Cockroaches Control

Cockroach control service provides two methods.

1)Gel Baiting
Gel baiting relies upon the biology and behavior of cockroaches. It is a slightly slower but more effective method than conventional treatments, for long-term treatment and control of cockroaches. Gel Bait consists of an attractant that attracts the cockroach. After the cockroach consumes the bait it goes back to its harborage area and dies. Other cockroaches eat the dead body of the poisoned cockroach (Necrophagy) and also the faeces of the affected cockroaches (Coptophagy) and are subsequently eliminated. A cockroach that consumes the gel bait can eventually poison large numbers of cockroaches. Only a small amount of bait is required and it is only applied at inconspicuous areas.

2)Residual Spray Application
Residual spraying is a treatment method for all crawling insects. Spraying is done externally as well internally to create a chemical barrier and treated zone against cockroaches. The chemical when dry, leaves a residue, thus when cockroaches crawl over these surfaces, they come into contact with the chemical and are killed. The chemical used is not harmful to humans and will not stain the walls or flooring.