about us

about us


Pest professional is a full-service pest solution company serving BOTH residential and commercial pest control . We are an innovative, effective & foward thinking co.
We are in use of all advance techology which is totally Eco-friendly for environment. We have strong dedicated team of professionals which only enhance & compliment the interaction with our customer, to improve the efficiency and to have a smoother flow of information and to streamline our system so that we can be more efficient & effective in our services.
Our aim is to provide you the total pest free environment with 100% protection to your properrty and to yourself from the unwanted diseases,
We always get excited, with the solutions, so don't hesitate dropping your problems, we have the best solutions.


Why do we exist in the first place? In other words, why are we here? We believe many people assume incorrectly, that a company exists solely to make money. While this is, of course, important, we have to go deeper to find the real reasons for our being. We inevitably come to the conclusion that a group of people get together and exist as an institution that we call a company so they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – they make a contribution to society.
You can look around and see companies that are interested in making money and nothing else, but our underlying drives come largely from a desire to do something more – to perform a service – generally to do something of value. Therefore, the real reason we exist is that we provide a service which is unique and that makes a contribution.


Our team shares the following values and strives to translate these values within our work environment, with our customers, and in our community.
* Hard work and productivity.
* Continuous improvement.
* Excellence in reputation.
* Corporate social responsibility.
* Absolute integrity.
* Protecting our environment today for a greener tomorrow.


Pest professional provides beneficial services that protect health, food, property and the quality of our environment.

Our Approach

1. Survey of client premises
2. Survey report including site related suggestions
3. Identify the problem and suggest specific treatment(s)
4. Prepare a service plan in co-ordination with the site-in charge
5. Reminder call a day before the commencement of service(s)
6. Service Execution under supervision of a Team Leader
7. Detailed service report
8. Feedback & discussion with clients